5 Team-Building Activities That Your Employees Will Love

The thought of a team building exercise is enough to stress you out. The intent behind these activities are great, but they make everyone feel awkward. You can increase employee morale and boost motivation with your team. Here are some ways you can create team building activities that will make the process less stressful and more productive.

Take a Field Trip

Field trips aren’t just for kids. Sometimes adults can benefit from getting out of the office. It’s the best way to get to know your colleagues without talking about work. You can have an annual field day even, in which everyone competes for prizes. There are some companies who hold annual or quarterly trips to the movies or the restaurant. Whatever you plan, don’t forget to include an itinerary. Getting out of the office and encouraging your team to get to know each other can help them break free from workplace restraints.

Give Back to the Community

Working together on a cause that your team cares about is a great way to develop a relationship. Most workplaces hold regular volunteering outings with local non-profit organizations and charities that their employees desire to work with. During another season and other season of the year, you can donate school supplies to children in need. You can even take part in programs like Habitat for Humanity and Toys for Tots.

This type of team building activities gives you the opportunity to do something more meaningful outside of work. Plus, it’s a great break from your regular office routine. Let your team decide how they want to give back to your community. Ask for suggestions and let everyone vote on an activity that makes them happy.

Professional Development

Ask your team to participate in a professional development course and use it to encourage them to work together. This type of team building activity can include guest speakers, online learning, and resources that provide additional educational opportunities. You can even invite your company’s board members or leaders to develop a professional development course. Or, you can hire an executive from another company who can provide advice and insights about your industry.

Share Your Strengths

There are plenty of activities that encourage your employees to learn more about themselves and each other. Some of these activities include Emergenetics, the Myers-Briggs Personality Index, and the Strengths Finder. These are all great tools to open the chains of communication and to take note of your different personalities and work styles. Activities like this that are team building Dallas TX companies are implementing are concentrated on learning. It’s the best way to encourage everyone to share, like suggesting a celebrity that best represents them, or asking them to predict the strengths of their colleagues.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell may give you flashbacks to elementary school, but it’s a great way to learn about the people you work with. You could ask everyone to bring in something that’s reflected of themselves. This could be an interesting article or a family photo. At the beginning of the meeting, you can ask everyone what they brought. It’s an easy and low-pressure way to learn about your employees with little time and resources.

Creating a team building activity doesn’t have to be frustrating. It can become a worthwhile activity as long as you think outside of the box. Don’t be afraid to try something new with your employees. They’ll appreciate the break from their everyday routine and have more renewed energy when they return to work.