Creating Modern Art Paintings in Minutes

Of course modern art is a broad term and what is art to one is someone Else’s trash. So when you are satisfied and like what you have created then that is all that matters.
I am going to tell you briefly how I have fun creating modern art on the computer. First of all, it is much faster and easier to do because you don’t have to get any art supplies. So there is nothing to clean up after you are done.
You only need two things to begin. Some software to run on your computer and some imagination. There are many software programs available. Some are free and others are expensive. The software I use is Photoshop which is expensive, but you can download a copy for a trial period.
Photoshop is a very comprehensive and complete program that has a fairly steep learning curve to fully be able to understand all the things you can do with it. I am only going to mention a quick and easy way to create your modern art.
So here we go. First start your Photoshop program. Then pick file new and choose the size of the picture you want.
Then you choose the brush tool and start making any kind of design you want. There are controls to change the brush color, size and shape. Hopefully you can figure out how to make these changes to your brush or you can go to the help section of the menu to find out.
Once you have created some kind of design or even just scribbles, then the fun part begins.
There is an item in the menu bar that says filter. This is where all the magic happens.
When you click on filter there are a number of different categories to choose from: Artistic, brush strokes, distort, sketch, stylize and texture.
Each of these categories has a number of subcategories as well. For example in brush stokes there is accented edges, angle strokes and crosshatch.
When you click on these different effects you can see how it affects your painting immediately. If you don’t like it, then just choose another and then you can save the one you like.
I think it is great fun to be able to see different effects instantly. Then after you save one filter effect then you can keep going and add other effects on top of it. Try everything you want and if you don’t like it then you just don’t save it.
Of course it is really nice to have a good color printer and some photo paper to print your “masterpiece”.
There is another way to do this too that I like. Instead of starting from scratch, you import a picture to begin with and then use all the different filter effects to change it into something completely different and unusual.
You never know what you are going to end up with. To me the fun part is to keep experimenting to come up with something that you really like.
So there you have it. Try your hand and see if you agree that it can be fun and entertaining to play “artist” and have a good time.