Gustav Klimt Paintings Are Favorites Among Art Collectors

Gustav Klimt oil paintings are one of the major works of art that could only be viewed in museums and private collections. His paintings, sketches, murals mostly depict the female body. Klimt’s paintings were seen as a revolution in the art world when they were first viewed. Many conservatives were irritated upon seeing Klimt’s paintings for the first time. Most of his work showed erotic art although there were also some that depicted nature, flowers, and parks.
Despite the fact that most of society saw the paintings as scandalous rather than artistic, today Klimt’s artworks are favorites among modern art collectors. Gustav Klimt’s paintings are some of the most expensive individual works of art in the world. On November 2003 alone, paintings like the Landhaus am Attersee was sold for more than $29 million dollars. Soon after, other Klimt’s masterpiece sold for more than $300 million dollars.
Klimt’s works may be very much in demand, however there is no doubt that, the normal art collectors cannot afford to purchase them. Thanks to the popularity of paintings like The Kiss, Adam and Eve, Death and Life and Mother and Child 2, reproductions are now available online at much more affordable prices. All the online buyer has to do is search for Gustav Klimt paintings on their favorite browser and immediately several galleries and vendors that provides reproductions will reveal.
There are many popular Klimt paintings available online and the best part is it is available in many different sizes. In fact, if there is a particular painting that the buyer cannot find online, just send the artist the title of the artwork, the size the painting desired and and within weeks a masterpiece is created.
There are, of course, popular paintings that are already finished and ready for shipment once ordered but usually these are in standard sizes only. To makes the buying process easier and pleasant, the online galleries usually have options available for the buyer to select different sizes to be reproduce, or course at a different price point. Other special requirements can be requested at time of placing an order.
It does not matter if the paintings are for the home or office, the goal is to have great works of arts available for everyone. With online shopping of art, there is no longer any limitation for anyone when they want to learn about Klimt’s famous works as well as the ability to purchase with ease.
Gustav Klimt paintings are not just limited to erotic images of the female body. Many of his other famous artworks are landscapes, still-life of flowers and fruits and many more subjects. His Avenue in Schloss Kammer Park is one prime example of the painter’s love for nature and beautiful flower landscape. Now, thanks to online galleries that provide customized reproductions of Klimt oil paintings, beautiful works of art can grace the homes and offices of anyone who may want to redecorate.