Let’s Start at the Beginning – Art Collecting 101

While the same rules apply for collecting pretty much anything you can think of, collecting fine art seems to be the cause of some trepidation among neophytes. The truth is that collecting in general is an enjoyable journey of discovery and learning.
The myth of prior knowledge that discourages many novice collectors is a misleading notion. You should not feel that you lack the expertise needed to successfully put a collection together. That will come in time and it will grow as your collection expands.
John Lennon said it best: “All you need is love” in the world of collecting this is the very first and most important requirement. A deep love for the object itself be it a quilt, a vase or a painting, should always be the starting point of a collection.
After that, the hunt begins. Enjoy this process and be patient. Experience the joy of searching on your own terms and go where your heart takes you. Never allow someone else to select items for your collection as it would transform it into something impersonal and disconnected from you. 
Buy those objects that tug at your heartstrings. Don’t think in terms of monetary returns or investment and don’t worry if you cannot afford works by internationally known artists. The emerging artists you are supporting today could very well be the famous figures of the future.
Notice how your taste changes over time. If your focus shifts into a different arena a great option is to trade or even donate the items you wish to remove from your collection. Perhaps, you could give a piece to a friend who loves it and, in turn, spark the launching of a new collection. Eventually, you will find your niche. Specialization on a specific medium, style or period emerges with time.
Above all be a good caretaker of your artworks. You are a link in a long chain that will go on for as long as a piece remains intact. Read about how to best expand the life of you collection and how to protect and properly store the items that you so lovingly and patiently gathered.
Time will do the rest and you will acquire a great deal of experience and an education that no other pursuit could have provided. The artwork you selected for your collection will tell your story and your collection will be a tangible and beautiful reflection of who you are inside.