Motivational Abstract Art Paintings Will Motivate You

One of the things that motivate us to do our very best is military art. The concepts of teamwork, patriotism, courage, leadership and strength form the very bedrock of our nation’s character and if you have a piece of motivational art in your home or office, you most likely will find yourself thinking of these ideals more and more. Perhaps the influence will be subliminal, as you gaze at the artwork and think of what those fine words mean. When you place them into action is when you’ll be most proud of yourself and your nation.
If military art motivates you, then you can also take pride in your ethnic heritage. A piece of art designed from the country of your family’s origin will go a long ways to making you stand up in front of it and gain the strength to do what you need to do to not only survive, but thrive. Motivational art in such inspirational stylistic forms as from the lands of Vietnam, China, Latvia, the Ukraine, Colombia, Mexico and Guam will reach that part of you that resonates with every hearing of your country of origin’s accomplishments and history. Try out the mountain scroll style from Chinese classic paintings and place on top of it your current context by showing your motto of personal philosophy: “Our hearts, our minds, our doors are always open.” Choose whatever is appropriate and whatever gets your spirit on its feet after a tiring day. Whatever your culture’s motto, it can fit into your everyday life and make you strong.
Thoughts of travel can motivate you to work harder, faster, smarter. Of course, a vacation is true relaxation, but how about the travel for business purposes that you do? Can you see the connection throughout history with your efforts and the work of long ago mariners, trading and exploring at the same time, bringing back exotic items and spices for the wonderment of the home folks? If you need a reminder that your business travel is not devoid of interest, consider the motivational depiction of a Yankee sailing ship, all sails aloft as she skims above the water, bound for who knows where. It is a fine day for sailing and the wind bellies each full white bit of canvas, the same sort of canvas that artists use to depict the scenes from their mind’s eye. Your inner eye will be motivated to go on to bigger and better things, all through your own energy.
You would be a rare person if nature did not inspire you to motivate yourself to work. The scenes of natural beauty, such as the Yosemite Valley, the perfection of a single white rose, the miniature lives of even utilitarian subjects such as the busy bees can motivate you to think and work and plan. “Plan your work, work your plan,” as a famous entrepreneur once said, and her words are still true today.
Think it, do it, and glean the earnings from it, all these sayings plus the example of the natural world as it is forever striving to perfect itself simply cannot be more motivating. If you choose a piece of motivational art to view each day, make sure to place it in a prominent spot, such as the wall beside the front door, or even on the door itself. That way, coming or going, you will be inspired to give one hundred per cent.