My House Painting Emergency

My wife and I recently purchased a former warehouse space that we planned to convert to a studio apartment. Our thinking was to consolidate our living and working space into one location and save ourselves some time and money. My wife worked his own internet marketing business from home and I was a full-time mother/ homemaker. We had great plans for our new space and eagerly anticipated its transformation.
Despite our enthusiasm for the project, however, we became dismayed at discovering (after the fact) that there is a ton of work involved! The situation became more intense after my wife’s mother, a successful interior decorator, suddenly announced that she would be visiting from out of state at the end of the month. That was only three weeks away! I was dealing with the combined challenges of our toddler and his preschool sister being underfoot. There were unpacked boxes everywhere and my wife was desperately trying to set up his unfinished work space without creating costly delays for his clients. Our design project started to assume the look of a nightmare.
To further compound our dilemma there were repair issues left over from the previous occupants. Apparently folks are not very mindful of maintenance and d?�cor in a warehouse! My wife and I were still trying to reach conclusions about decorating decisions. We couldn’t make up our minds about whether or not to paint the support posts under the ceiling beams to match the walls or the ceiling. Discouragement began to combine with anxiety when we were confronted with substantial rust on the steel posts that supported the beams. The length of the beams needing painted was intimidating enough by itself and they were fifteen feet off the floor. It became apparent that equipment was needed. I knew there was no way that I could finish the work in three weeks even with my wife’s help. And being a newly acquired daughter-in-law, I very much wanted to make a good impression. It was looking like we needed professional help- and fast!
Not having a clue where to turn, I sat down at my computer and began to surf the net. Many pages that I discovered were full of helpful information but what I needed was prompt and professional attention- now! And there was concern about cost. We had already acquired a substantial investment by securing the apartment. Although we were willing to invest a reasonable amount to achieve our goals, we wanted to make sure that the work was done professionally and promptly. Imagine my surprise upon discovering the services I need after surfing some online sites! I found several sites where I could find a professional operator who was able to answer my questions and direct me to the specific professional best suited to my needs. I was pleased to discover that many of the services are backed by a system that rates the performance of the painters and other professionals who are referred. The ratings were done by customers who have used the actual services of the person in question. And the referrals were for individuals or businesses from our local area. An arrangement was made for a no-obligation estimate and in no time I had booked a professional who was able to complete the work in time for my mother-in-law’s visit. And the best part was that the results had the much desired affect that I was looking for- she was pleased! Our problem was solved!