Summer Camps and Programs in and around Dallas Texas

When it comes to summertime everyone’s excited, it means swimming, hiking and more time with family and friends. But for parents, it can be a stressful time of trying to find something your kids can do while they’re at work. Well, when it comes to Summer Camps in Dallas Texas there’s no shortage of options.

One option is JCC of Dallas, this summer camp is 13 acres, and they offer the highlights of a sleepaway camp and an added bonus you never have to leave the metroplex.

If parents want their child/children to experience a classic day camp there’s Camp Chai and Camp Simchah. There are also more unique camps such as Sports, Tennis, Teen Travel, Gymnastics, and Performing Arts. An added bonus of the JCC is they also offer extended care as well as bus service.

At Summer, the Shelton Way there’s something for everyone from early childhood all the way up to the 12th Grade. Shelton offers their campers academic as well as enrichment courses, their scholar’s tutoring program, speech therapy program as well as sports camps.

Parents looking for a summer camp to help their daughter(s) build up their self-esteem than Camp Lantern Creek is perfect!

This camp is tucked away on 100 acres in the piney woods of Montgomery, Texas. It was specifically created to assist girls in finding who their own voice, try new things, create, take risks. At Camp Lantern Creek whether a camper succeeds or fails their effort is noticed and cheered, campers are empowered in order to help them build self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills and friendships that can last a lifetime.

iD Tech is perfect for the child that loves technology. Their children 7-19 are offered the opportunity to code, produce videos, design the video games that they adore so much, create fortnite-inspired levels, build laptops, gain knowledge about cybersecurity and so much more! iD Tech is a week long, day and overnight program that assists children in shaping the future.

Adventure Kids Playcare Camps offer children the opportunity to take part in crafts, games, and activities that coordinate with the changing themes of the week. On Friday and Saturday night they offer theme parties where children can dress to match the theme and play games, make crafts and participate in activities that match the theme.

What’s awesome about Adventure Kids Playcare is they’re there to assist parents at anytime, whether it’s a school conference, snow day or you just have something to do that their child wouldn’t enjoy.

At the outstanding Alcuin Summer camp, they offer children 3-14 the experience of an unforgettable summer. Alcuin offers campers the ability to enjoy art, ballet, chess, cooking, drones, coding, parkour, pokemon, Sewing, medical school, lego, magic, karate, sports, theater, tumbling and more. They also offer both half-day and full day options, weekly programming as well as aftercare.

Camp Olympia offers both boys and girls ages 6-16 an experience like no other. There the offer three-week, two-week as well as one-week overnight camping experiences. For more than 50 summers, Camp Olympia has provided their campers with a caring and fun environment that allows them to grow in body, mind as well as spirit.

Because this camp is right on the shores of Lake Livingston, it’s the perfect spot for some outdoor fun. There are more than 45 different activities such as golf, horseback riding as wakeboarding.

There’s no doubt that everyone looks forward to summer for one reason or another but for the stressed-out parent, there are numerous options for summer camps in Dallas Texas that will not only help them but will ensure that their child has an awesome summer.