The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a patient in Saint-Remy insane asylum, for only a brief period, when he created this masterpiece from memory. It is important to realize that he was under intense emotional distress, when he created this work of art, which is so important and so debatable. Many misunderstand the words of his letter to his beloved brother Theo, in which Van Gogh is painstakingly describing the colors and the unification of the objects, in the painting, ‘Starry Night’.
In truth, Vincent Van Gogh was seeing the nighttime sky, through a wire-mesh, padded room, that was lit-up from the outside by a gaslight. Regardless of what the debate rages on about his proximity when he created this beautiful masterpiece ‘Starry Night’, there is no debate on the fact that it is one of the greatest creations in modern art. Returning to the description of the painting by the master himself in a letter to his brother Theo, it is interesting to see how he describes color and the passion in which the artist gives to each hue.
‘Starry Night’ is a beautiful creation and seeing that the work is wholly from the memory of Van Gogh, only adds to its beauty and magnificence of this work of art. From the whirlyness of the brush marks that exude a sense of confusion and wind, to the glow of the stars upon the town below, the work is truly a magnificent creation, and a testament to the brilliance of Vincent Van Gogh. One of the great tragedies of his artistic career is that in the beginning this great artist was confined to the bidding of art dealers, since that is where he received all of his profit. He also only sold one painting in his lifetime.
Through all of Vincent Van Gogh’s life, no work of art was so widely-accepted and so widely -argued as ‘Starry Night’. ‘Starry Night’ is still seen as a great seller in reproductions, reprints and posters and commands a great market share, for an artist that never really received compensation.