Podcasts that Make You Say Hmmm

Podcasts are the latest and greatest way that we can listen to people talking about our interests. Only a few years ago did podcasting become something that people started doing. Now, it seems that move than 70% of the people in the whole world listens to one or more podcasts! That is a huge number and the number of podcasts just keeps growing and growing. With the technology to make a podcast on your own and for free, people are starting to jump on the bandwagon.

One of the main interests in podcasts today are conspiracy theories. There is an entire world of Conspiracy Podcasts and these are some of the best that will get you to thinking!

The Higherside Chats

The Higherside Chats is a conspiracy podcast. This podcast mixes a little alcohol and a little THC to tell stories about conspiracies that many of us wonder about on a daily basis. Some of the podcasts that have been done on the Higherside Chats involve UFO’s, Area 51, and Roswell. There are some more in-depth topics on the podcast as well. The Great Pyramid is covered, as well as sports conspiracies, cancer, BitCoin, mind control technology, and Antarctica. If you are looking for a podcast that will truly make you think about life as you know it, this is a good one for you. Once you hear the first episode, you are going to be hooked. It may also help you to do more investigating of your own on these topics.

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know

If you are looking for another great conspiracy podcast, Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know is a great one! This podcast brings up some more interesting topics that they didn’t teach us in school. Famous people such as Henry Kissinger, John Astor, Captain Kidd, and Princess Diana are all topics on past episodes. There are podcasts about serial killers in the Ancient times and there is a lot of talk on topics such as vaccines, MK Ultra, student loan controversies, and going back to the Moon. The topics on this podcast are very controversial, but if you are ready to explore new ideas on your own, this is the podcast for you!

Hoax Busters

Hoax Busters is a podcast that’s main focus is to cover conspiracies that you may have heard your whole life. This podcast is trying to bring truth to all of these “lies” that we have been told. The show covers topics such as SIRI and why we depend so much on it, science frauds, political frauds, historical hoaxes, and even the Moonwalk. The topics are incredibly interesting and you have quite a few episodes to choose from when you start listening. They have branched out to cover items such as left-handers, vaccines, the current money issues, global warming, eating meat, cults, vegans, animal rights groups, and occult magic. A lot of these topics can be controversial, so keep that in mind when you start to listen.

All of these podcasts have interesting topics for those who want to hear more about hoaxes and conspiracies. Give them podcasts a listen to open up your mind on the many conspiracies that exist in our world. If you are ready to open your mind up to these topics, these are the top three to start with. Once you get hooked on them, you may be inspired to start a podcast of your own!

Improve Your Photo Taking With This Advice!

Photography is an expressive hobby and art that has really improved in popularity recently. Photography is something that perks the interest of a lot of people, however some might be scared off by the vast amount of skill and knowledge that it takes. This article will help you get over that initial hump that all beginners in photography face.

Stand close to your subjects to take better pictures. Getting as close to your subject as possible gives you more opportunities to highlight the main subject of the photo, and stops the background from ruining your shot. This is especially important if you are photographing a subject for a portrait, as it makes it easier for you to focus your lens on facial expressions. Smaller details are usually overlooked when the picture is taken from far away.

Don’t let your picture-taking technique get too complicated. There are times when a wonderful photo can be taken without much adjustment in motion or color settings.

Keep your camera settings simple. You should try to become knowledgeable about one part of a control, such as shutter speed or aperture, prior to moving on to the next one. Doing this focuses your attention on the image itself, rather than playing with dials while you lose your subject.

A digital SLR camera will help you to advance your photography skills. These are digital single lens reflex type cameras. They are renowned for their ability to view the subject at the same time you snap the shot. A full-frame DSLR gives the most comprehensive photos, and the largest image sensor.

Do not focus entirely on the background of your landscapes. The foreground needs to be worked on to create an impression of space. Compose the frame in such a way as to make the foreground as important to the image as the background is to create a truly striking photo.

Take a lot of photos when you are trying to improve your skills, but buy a memory card with a large storage space. A 16 gigabyte memory card will store all of your photos without the necessity of changing memory cards during a photo shoot. A great part of larger memory space is that you can use the RAW format. This allows greater flexibility in editing.

Try to get close to your subject when shooting. Not doing so can result in photos that are too distant or blurred for any clarity. Make it easier for yourself and for your viewers to see your subject clearly and vividly.

Try to hold steady when taking shots, it’ll prevent you from producing blurry photos. A slight movement is capable of completely ruining a shot. If you have to, give yourself a few seconds to get in a comfortable spot and stand still.

As was mentioned at the beginning of this article, photography is a pastime that appeals to many people. Sadly, a lot of people don’t pursue it because they are fearful of the complexity and overload of technical information.…

Photography Pointers Everybody Ought To Put To Use

If you’re new to photography, then it’s natural for you to want to find a way to improve your pictures quickly. Read on to learn what to do to take more impressive photographs and reach whatever photography goals you’ve set for yourself.

Keep your trigger finger ready at all times. If you take too long, the subject could move, the sun could move behind a cloud or it could start raining. Anything could happen, so don’t delay. The quicker you can take photos, the better.

Make sure you know exactly what is going into each photograph. A great photo will be like you are looking at your object through a little window. Try not to show too much. To create a general impression of an object, shoot a series of photos, instead of a single detail oriented photo.

One way to improve your own photography skills is to get inspiration by studying the work of other photographers. The photos taken by other people can give you ideas about the many ways there are to capture a scene.

Framing is very important when composing your shot. Eliminate objects that take away from your subject matter by zooming in on the main focal point. This will avoid a cluttered photo.

Be creative with colors, focus, angles, and lighting. Even if the subject of your photograph has been shot a million times before, you can change many different factors to make your shot stand out. A good photographer is able to take a dull object and turn it into something interesting to look at, due to the skills and talent that the photographer possesses. Play around to gain experience and build a style of your own.

Take photographs of insignificant items while you are travelling to, and visiting, your destination. These photographs might feel unimportant, or even a bit silly, as you’re taking the pictures; but they can add to your memories and help recreate an interesting story. Whether it is a laughable street sign or the stub of a bus ticket, every picture will have memories associated with it.

Think about joining a photography club or go take pictures with another photographer like you. You will gain a lot of knowledge from others, but don’t let their ways rub off onto your photographs. Show them your pictures and view theirs to figure out different ways to visualize a subject.

Many people love to wear white when they are having their picture taken, but it’s not recommended. The camera is going to get a reading because it is set to auto-focus. White is almost always “washed out” in shots like this.

Are you itching to shoot some dewy, rain-spattered subjects? You can mimic this effect by using a spray mister and covering your subject with water to simulate rain.

As you are now aware, based on the previous tips given, photography is a great way to capture a great moment and make it a memory that will last forever. Use these tips and hints to familiarize yourself with the art of photography, and to raise your skill level from novice to professional.…