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Uses of the Whiskey Barrel

The whiskey barrel has been already proven and tested in achieving a prominent display on any kind of garden. You can make use of the wooden planters to plant larger shrubs and herbs that is perfect for your kitchen area where you can just get any herb you want as seasoning.

Furthermore, these barrels will last for decades and is a good addition to your garden since you will not have to replace it instantly and at the same time, you can still enjoy your gardening.

IF you will use the whiskey barrels in your gardening, you can be able to feel the presence of the past time and it creates a captivating feature for the planter especially for the perennial plants, herbs, and tress that will make the neighborhood love it too. You need to have in your mind what are you going to use as the wooden planter, is it the half-size planter or you want the full-size planter.

For instance, you decide to buy the half barrel, you need to decide also whether you will put it on its sides and have the flowers go hanging or flowing out of the barrel like a curtain, or if you want it standing upright.

You must also decide for the perfect spot where you are going to display or put your whiskey barrel so that once it will be full already, you can just let it stay there for good. In addition, try to consider also the plant that you will be suing in the whiskey barrel. If you want to have a much bigger plants, then this will be ideal since it can hold lots of soil into its container.

If you already have the barrel with you and you have decide what will be the plant you are going to put here, you will need to drill now a large bit of drainage holes into the sides of the whiskey barrel. The drilling will be done on the bottom two metal straps of the container for the drainage holes. If you have drilled the drainage holes into the bottom of the barrel, you will not have a proper draining especially during the heavy rains. The primary reason for this is that, as the weight of the barrel due to the fertilizer, dirt , and water piled up, it will also weigh the barrel down due to the presence of the gravity, thus will not let the barrel to drain out the excess water making it drowned from the inside.

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